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Benefits and trends in bovine genetic improvement will be visible at Expoferr Show 2023


Bringing news in technology, innovation, culture, economy and knowledge, Expoferr Show 2023 is among the most anticipated agribusiness events in the extreme North of Brazil.

In its 42nd edition, the Roraima Agricultural Fair will take place from the 14th to the 18th of November, at the Dandãezinho Exhibition Park, located in the Monte Cristo neighborhood, rural area of ​​Boa Vista.

Among the attractions of the event, in the AG Agropecuária showcase, the enterprising population will be able to see the Breeding Bulls of the ANGUS, BRANGUS, NELORE and WAGYU breeds in addition to the investment in knowledge and savings in the nutritional properties of Himalayan salt imported directly from the Pakistan Mines, as an important food supplement for cattle breeding. “AG Agropecuária is excited about another edition of the Expoferr Show bringing news, motivating economic success and better health for livestock in Roraima”, commented investor Vilton Lima.

Regarding the Himalayan salt imported directly from mines in Pakistan, Ag Agropecuária highlights the importance of the ¨mineral compounds in this salt that strengthen the animals’ immune system, preventing mineral deficiencies, improving digestion and absorption of nutrients, ensuring the healthy growth of the herd ¨ , he reinforced.

Operating in Roraima for three years, AG Agropecuária also works in partnership with the brands Crio Central Genética Bovina (Collection and Processing of Bovine Semen), Gazzon (liquid nitrogen), Sempercrio (Cryogenic technology for cylinders) and AG Logística e Transportes ( Exclusive Cargo) CRV Lagoa and Zebufért with high technology and innovation.


With the aim of promoting cattle genetic improvement in Roraima, AG Agropecuária brought the semen of Angus Black Opel Tomahawk bulls to the local market, such as ease of calving, weight gain, marbling and tenderness of the meat, being developed 100% with embryos Americans selected to truly offer the best genetics, providing meat with more quality in view of the current trend in the world market, and, Wagyu bull AKIHITO Japanese lineage, contracted by the international genetic improvement company CRV Lagoa, with more than 14 thousand doses being sold, following as one of the best in the category ranking in marbling, carcass finishing and good weight performance, especially for the special meat program.

In special tribute to the welcoming state, Ag Agropecuária together with partners, doctors Ana Carolina Santos and Paulo Su, carefully chosen in the South of the country, the Brangus bull was named MONTE RORAIMA, a name that comes from the Pemons indigenous people, a large mountain with impressive landscapes. Brangus is a synthetic breed that combines the recognized precocity of the Angus, fertility, maternal ability, feed conversion, longevity, resistance to parasites and rusticity of the Zebu with marbling.

The MONTE RORAIMA bull is the son of the American FINAL CUT bull from the Suhn Cattle Company in Kansas, being evaluated by experts with extraordinary weight gain performance and withstanding very high summer temperatures in the central region of Brazil and in the north of the country.

Ag Agriculture has an essential concept and control of its animals, all of which are tracked and monitored to provide security at the origin of all stages of the production chain, ensuring that the food does not come from activities that cause environmental impacts, such as deforestation. Traceability is very important for controlling the sector, increasingly helping international buyers. The goal for 2023 is to surpass the R$355 million in business handled last year and reach R$500 million in business volume in this edition. In total, more than 93 thousand m² of infrastructure will be set up in Dandãezinho, enabling the generation of business, direct and indirect jobs, in addition to the average presence of 70 thousand visitors per day.

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